Niche Marketing : Get The Ball Rolling…

OK, so you’ve put up this really terrific, keyword optimized, content rich, niche web site and now you’re sitting back waiting to gather all those Niche marketing riches you’ve been told are so easy to make on the Internet.

Time passes and it’s now three months since you put up your site and you’re “still” waiting for these easy Niche riches to appear.

Why is that?

The probable answer is you’ve fallen for that old, Internet marketing philosophy “Build it and they will come”.

Unfortunately this only works in the movies. It doesn’t work for Niche Marketing.

If you want to make sales from your niche web site, you have to attract targeted traffic to it. This means you have to “take action” to attract those potential customers you so badly want.

In other words you have to “promote” your web site to your target market. With this in mind, here’s a great, no cost, highly effective way to get your niche business ball rolling…

Write articles…

Writing and distributing quality articles on your niche subject is a great way to attract visitors to your web site and establish you as an expert in your niche. Here’s a simple system I use that I have found effective:

  • Write a series of articles of around 500 to 600 words each, basing each article on one of your main keywords. Aim to have a keyword density in your article of between 3% and 10% fairly evenly spread through out the text.
  • (To figure this out count up the number of times you’ve used your keyword in the article and divide that number by the total word count of your article and multiply the answer by 100).


  • Create your bio and place it at the bottom of each article. Add links to a relevant product page and the subscriber capture page on your web site (see my bio at the bottom of this page as an example of this).


  • Upload one article every 2-3 days to your niche web site to encourage the search engines to crawl it regularly.


  • Submit an article about every 2-3 days to a selection of Article Directories with a Google PR rating of 5 or better, and high traffic ranking (you can get traffic rank information from – the lower the Alexa rating the higher the traffic).


  • Here’s four directories to get you started (PR 7) (Alexa 657) (PR 6) (Alexa 2,244) (PR 7) (Alexa 3,659) (PR 5) (Alexa 16,636)

Using articles to promote your niche site will give you valuable backlinks from well ranked sites, which in turn will help you achieve higher search engine rankings for your own web site.

Once you’ve submitted your articles to the directories, other web site, ezine and Newsletter owners will pick them up and use them adding yet more backlinks and bringing large amounts of targeted traffic to your niche site.

Using this system I’ve had articles ranked on page one of the major search engines for my main keywords, via the article directories, when my web site page hadn’t ranked in the first 100 pages.

And the increase in traffic to my web site has doubled and trebled over periods of just a couple of months from publication.

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