Niche Affiliate Marketing – Time To Wake Up!

If you’ve been struggling to make any real progress with your niche affiliate marketing business, then perhaps it’s time to change your whole view of it and wake up a bit. Perhaps you’ve been sold on the dream. You’ve seen the sales pages with money flying all over the place, the corporate jet, people sipping cocktails on the beach, and all the rest of it.

Yes, you’ve been sold!


You’ve been sold by one of the “get rich quick” types of merchants out there promising you the world, working only a half an hour a day, trying to have you believe there is some “push button” tactic. If that’s you, then you certainly aren’t alone. Don’t feel bad about it. Think of it as a learning experience. Turn that experience into a positive thing.

When it comes down to earning a good living from niche affiliate marketing, the first thing you’ll need to understand is that there aren’t really any short cuts. Yes, there are ways of learning how to work smarter. But, as for the “magic button”, forget about that! It simply doesn’t exist.


Here are a few quick tips for you to help you get to where you want faster:

  1. For one thing, realize that it is a “learning experience”. If you are brand new to niche affiliate marketing, you will have to invest in yourself and your education. It’s what you invest in, that makes the real difference.
  2. Avoid sales pages where they show the silly things like the corporate jet. This is a huge red flag that you are just being taken by a “get rich quick” merchant. Chances are, the material they share with you will just be a bunch of re-hashed garbage, and probably just based on theory. These types of merchants aren’t really interested in helping you. They just want your money!
  3. Find somebody to learn from that has legitimately “walked the walk”. Generally, these are the guys who state right up front, that it will take hard work and dedication. They also don’t sugar coat things like saying that you can do it for a no cost investment.

Of course there will be an investment in the tools, software, and hosting for your business. What business doesn’t have overhead? While an internet marketing business has very low overhead as compared to an offline business, there are still certain things that you will need in order for it to truly become successful.

  1. Be willing to work hard. When was the last time you got paid a fair sum of money for doing next to nothing? Yes, in time you can make a lot of money by simply sending out an email in your business. But, realize that to get to that point, it takes work and dedication. The people who have built their email lists into the tens of thousands, didn’t start out that way! They not only worked hard, but, they also found ways of working smarter. Again, the people to listen to are the people who “don’t promise”, something for nothing.
  2. Find a support system of people. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to find a group of people who are truly there to help one another along. It can be great for excellent advice, moral support, and it’s also very inspiring to share in each others success stories from time to time.

When it comes to educating yourself properly with niche affiliate marketing, the best courses may require a fair investment. These courses include weekly webinars, a support forum of “real people” who care about each others success, videos that you can go back to any time you like to ensure you are grasping each step properly, and much more.

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Yes, there are some great courses out there. The thing that really differentiates value though, is in followup support.

While some of these programs are a monthly investment, if you take it very seriously and follow their lead, in time you will certainly begin to have some successes yourself. Yes, you do have to do your part, and put the “action” necessary to succeed. This can only come from you, but, it really does help when you have a group of people encouraging one another along to success.

Generally, these programs have very good support as well. Which alone, can be worth the extra cost. Remember, you get what you pay for much of the time.

When you are looking for solid training to get you off properly with niche affiliate marketing, you’d be wise to find a course that trains you to build your business long-term.

Solid businesses are not built on “here today, gone tomorrow” fads. They are built on proven and time-tested business models.
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